Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Aina yhdessä vain...

Askarteluvuoren atc-vaihdot ovat taas käynnistyneet. Vaihtoon nro 21 tehtiin korttipari aiheella 'Tässä ja nyt'.
Ideana oli tehdä kaksi yhteenliittyvää korttia. 

Minulla kortit liittyvät yhteen kahdesta kohtaa.

Kortti on jo varmaan tipahtanut Katin postilaatikkoon joten ajattelin julkaista sen tässä.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


OKTK-haasteessa on tässä kuussa synkännäköinen inspiraatiokuva. Tarkemmin siihen tutustuessa huomaakin, että kyseessä on vastakohdat.

Itse valitsin päivän ja yön, mutta jostain syystä vain synkeä yö inspiroi minua...

Vasemmanpuoleinen on lähdössä vaihtoon ja menee jollekulle joka lähtee rinkiin mukaan.

The bottom layer is a kraft card. First I put some washi tape down, then worked dimensional magic with a Finnabair barbed wire stencil and some texture paste. Once that was dry I rubbed it in with brown distress paint, then took a plastic doily and used it as a stencil - I tell you, black ink is almost impossible to wash off completely. Lastly I scribbled around the photo.

It's midnight only when the last strike is over.
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CreativeArtiste Mixed Media: #24 Anything goes March

Ruuvi löysällä / Rusty butterflies

Kk-vintagehaastessa on tässä kuussa jännä teema: Ruuvi löysällä. Senhän voi käsittää niin monella tapaa! Itse lähdin liikkeelle ihan konkreettisesta ruuvista, satuin nimittäin löytämään nämä kolme ihanan ruosteista ruuvia kadulta.
Pohjana ruosteista pintaa (paperia) ja turkoosia rautalankaa perhosen vartalon ympärillä sitä paikallaan pitämässä. Ruuvia ei ole liimattu kiinni, se on siis löysällä.

Rusty screws for butterfly bodies, only held by some wire to keep it in place. Lovely background paper and some stamping with miscalleneous stamps from 7 Gypsies and Kaisercraft.

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Steampunk challenge: Anything goes March
DreaminDarkness: March challenge

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Can it be spring?

I believe so. I hear the birds making a racket, the sun is out at the long last, and soon there will be leaves in the trees and flowers and grass everywhere. But not yet! That's why I felt drawn to the springy colors and making a flower themed something.

It is also heavily layered - ink through stencil, stamping, texture paste through stencil, some washi tapes and cut out stamped circles. Finally topped by a flower that was created with texture paste and infusions.
Here are the punched shapes on my desktop. (Notice the colorful paper? It's my desk cover, to be used afterwards for backgrounds.)

And here they are ready. I gathered all the materials in one picture so you can get an idea how I made them.
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Simon says Monday: Handmade flowers
Frilly and Funkie: Welcome spring
Rubber Dance Art: Color challenge using stamps from the plate Round in circles

Monday, March 13, 2017

Adorning myself with borrowed plumes

This weekend I watched some crafty videos and tried out techniques that I have not been using before. Like creating lowlights with coal. Or flicking with white ink. Or using a plethora of different elements.

But have you ever noticed - you create an aesthetically pleasing work but feel no satisfaction, because it's not 'you'.  It was a fine learning experience but I think I'll return to something simpler the next time.

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KK haaste: #193 Muotokortti (Nämä ovat siis tägin muotoon leikattuja atc-kortteja)
Emerald Creek Dares: Splatter some fun
Simon Says Monday: Make your won background

Monday, March 6, 2017


I hope this is a safe place to say that Infusions drive me crazy! They cannot be controlled and there are myriads of ways to use them. I watched videos on youtube (link) till I was cross-eyed and had to marvel at all the ways one has come up with.
Still, I had to try my own.

I started with deep-freeze pizza box cuttings. I sanded them a bit so they would have some 'tooth'. Then I topped them with white gesso, making sure some nice colors could peek through (mainly orange).

Next I sprinkled them evenly with Infusions (Jaded and Lemonade), activated them with water and sprinkled some 97-proof alcohol on them. My mistake. The droplets were too big and caused the color to pool along the edges. Next time I'll try with a mini mister.

But it still yielded some great details. I like the way the orange from cardboard peeks through.

And this is the 'finished product' with a great art lady stamp from Paperartsy.  'You are exactly where you want to be.' Yes, indeed.

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Craft Stamper:  Anything goes March
Paperartsy: 2017 Topic #3
Emerald Creek Dares: Splatter some fun

Sunday, March 5, 2017


... are just numbers, right? I could be wrong though... at least these ladies don't look overly delighted.

Now Ann, Mary and Charlotte here claim their age to be a secret,

whereas Jane and Elizabeth are at least attempting to make a wish:

The stamp is an under-used old Paperartsy which I have had since five-six years if memory serves me right.
For background I used the 'stamp an acrylic plate, mist with water, drag your background through the droplets' -technique by Tim Holtz. I used pink, lavender and plum. It's interesting how the colors stayed separate but united to form two-tone droplets.
I am using primaries as prompted in the RetroRubber challenge.

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Fashionable Stamping: It's just a number
CountryView Challenge: Inspired by Tim Holtz
Retro Rubber: RRCB57 Color my world

Saturday, March 4, 2017


... by Tim Holtz. For background I picked the little used technique of turning stamping into watercolor from his second Compendium. And I just love the new paperdolls from Tim!

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CountryView Challenge: Inspired by Tim Holtz
Take a Word: Childhood

SimonSays: Based on a book - that would be Little Red Ridinghood:

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A Vintage Journey: All aboard

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is this love or what!

I believe it is... as seen in Casablanca. Need I say more?

 This was inspired by several challenge prompts:

More thanWords: Love
ArtGrupa: Couples
SimonSays: Anything goes

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rakastan sinua vielä / A broken heart

Rakkaus tuntuu olevan teemana vähän kaikkialla tässä kuussa eikä Jehkottaren haaste tehnyt poikkeusta. Mutta oli kiintoisaa tutkia särkynyttä sydäntä, onhan tähän asti aiheena ollut rakkaus, ei torjuttu tai loppunut rakkaus.
Miellyttävän tumma teema kaipasi tummia värejä. Sydämet tein kohopastalla pahvista leimaamien sydänten päälle, lopuksi maalasin ne. Piakkoin panen ohjeet blogiinkin.
Revin sydämet ja lisäsin kuparihiutaleita ikäänkuin ne olisivat kytevää tulta eli tunnetta (ja myös koska ne oli aika lailla kuusikulmioita jotka oli haasteinspiraationa annettu). Sydämen puolikkaat on yritetty taas yhdistää (rautalangalla), mutta särkynyt mikä särkynyt.

Osallistun siis Jehkottaren haasteeseen nro 16.

I have covered about all kinds of love this month, but there is one more: the broken heart.
Love is not gone yet, it smolders and burns on a low flame, causing ache and distress.

 Heart was done with texture paste, paints and inks, I then tore it in two halves and 'mended' it with wire. Copper mica flakes are the embers.