Monday, August 29, 2016

Fly home!

The August Tim Holtz tag challenge introduced some nice techniques that I simply had to try. The brayered and flicked background technique immediately became my favorite, it produced such beautiful clean and airy look.
I used inks in colors Weathered Wood, Chipped Sapphire and Hickory Smoke. The first layer was weathered wood, gently diluted with a few drops of water. Next came weather wood mixed with chipped sapphire and hickory smoke, again with a few drops of water. It was flicked with water between brayering layers and the final drops are Infusions Black Knights - I like them because they start black but soon form vintage brown afterglow as well.

The die had ovals to be filled - I filled them with all sorts of linen. They soon reminded me of eggs. So I added  a flecked black feather (guinea fowl) and a charm birdie.

I could not find a text that would have fitted. I am mourning the fact that rub-ons seem to have all but vanished. Thankfully I am still hoarding a nice stash of rub-on letters, white among them. This way I was able to create my own phrase.
It was tied with a silk yarn. (Knitting yarn... Debbie Bliss if you should wonder. Takes dye well.)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A hair-do for a party

What is this party everyone is going to? An why are they so concerned about their hair?

I think I know why... (snicker).

Background is acrylic washed and some random stamping with a polkadot stamp.

Figures are stamped with black Vresamark on card stock, cut out and placed. Text is from a book.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Arttia! / an art journal t.b.a.

Ansku järjesti taas kivan jutun - tällä kertaa mennään Turun alueella ringissä. Jokainen tekee oman Art Journal-kirjan, joka sitten lähtee kiertämään. Kuukausi on aikaa per sivu - 7 osanottajaa - näen omani vasta ensi keväänä, mutta sitäkin hehkeämpänä!

Tällä hetkellä Art Journalini on vain muutama yhteenliimattu mainoslehtinen. Ne on poimittu talteen vuonna 2009, eli hyvää kierrätystä! Liimasin ne yhteen kuvioteipillä, kas näin:

Sitten tein kannet liimaamalla päihin pahvinkappaleet. Pahvin päällystin pöydän roiskepaperista. Siihen oli tullut kaikenlaista kivaa väriä. Lisäilin sapluunalla hieman elementtejä ja kiinnitin nimilaput.

Tämä on nimittäin leporello, eli haitarimalli. Sellaisessa on kaksi alkamispäätä.

Tein niin, että naiset seisovat päälaellaan. Niinpä kukaan ei häiriinny niistä, koska ne näkyvät aika abstraktina. Nyt se lähtee matkalleen. Maaliskuussa sitten esittelen valmiin!

I am taking part in an Art Journal round-the-robin. We are seven people who live in the same area, so the journals wander ring round. We'll have a month to complete a spread, so next time I'll - and you - will see this is going to be next spring. Can't wait! It's going to be amazing.
I made mine leporello-style by attaching three fashion broschures (heavy nice cardstock) to each other. The ends became covers - there are two. I used an old desk cover splatter paper. Both covers are from the same paper, just different ends. I then enhanced them a bit. Now I am sending it on its voyage! Can't wait...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

We have Dreams

The Wings of Dreams is the new theme at this month's ArtGrupaATC. They ask to show hat inspires you?
I didn't go very literal, I am not showing any wings.

Words inspire me - for this I collected random words from a 'cheap' novel and made them into - hopefully - something deep and philosophical...

Each day is like a recurrence of a dream   //    A year is like a candle in a wind.
I chose Amelie as a picture, I find her dream world bizarre but inspiring.

Imagination is like a paradise.

Life is a curious dream.

I link these to: ArtGrupaATC challenge Na skrzydłach marzeń / The wings of dreams

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Ansku järjesti kivan vaihdon, jossa jokainen lähetti 14 skinny-kokoista kaksipuolista korttia jotka Ansku sitten jakoi jokaiselle osanottajalle.
Tällaiset sain:

I took part in a mixed media group swap and received these fantastic inspirational skinny-sized cards. I have yet to figure out how to bind them - probably a ring through one corner.

And this is what I made for the swap: (front and back)

 Tällaiset kortit tein itse vaihtoon - samat kortit, mutta taka- ja etupuoli erilaiset.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Grungy Frida

'Making metal' is the theme for the Finnish challenge blog this month. I made old, grungy metal looking backgrounds (scroll down for tutorial) and thought these found Frida Kahlo pictures would look great with it.

KKvintage-haaste pyörähti jälleen käyntiin. Tekniikkakesän haasteeissa pääsimme nyt vanhaan metalliin. Kun olin tehnyt kuluneen metallisen näköiset taustat (ohjeet alla), pyörittelin niitä viikon jos toisenkin kunnes keksin, että kuluneet taustat vaativat kerrankin jotain kaunista ja eksoottista parikseen. Niin syntyivät Frida-kortit, jotka toivottavasti inspiroivat elämään täydesti joka hetki.

Paired with some metal elements, fancy ribbon, flowers and leaves, chipboard and a Tim Holtz tag and big chat stickers they got some flavor.

I started with random kraft card stock ( I reuse a lot!):

Gesso them over. Try not to be neat, you'll be happy about some texture later:

When dry, paint with brown paint:

Sandpaper them and wipe off the dust:

Lastly swipe them with a dark brown ink pad:

I also wanted to see what the effect would be if the ink and paint would be done in the opposite order. Voila! After gessoing and sanding, swipe once over with a dark brown ink pad:

Now add brown paint:

They look totally different:

Both look like ancient rusty metal - neat.

(with darker background)

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(with lighter background)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Airy and Light

There are a few challenges at the moment that work wonderfully together. I have so been wanting to do an airy and light background in watercolor. This was done mainly with watercolor with just a bit of water-soluble crayon for depth and interest.
Next came stamping. Two different stamps were used here, a strip of butterflies and a beautiful script. Black and white ribbon gives it a romantic touch in combination with the pink.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LIVE Tampereella

Suuri ATC live-vaihto TAMPEREELLA!

Tervetuloa live-vaihtoon Tampereelle! Koko vuoden muhinut idea on nyt toteutumassa. Mukana tällä hetkellä alice k.Silpputehtaan SiskoKristallihelmi,ManumiinaPiikuSanna SaksijaRaijaAnnikki (... ja muutama blogiton).
Pääset siis vaihtamaan monen tekijän kanssa nokatusten ja hyvinkin erityylisiä kortteja. Moni tulee pitkänkin matkan takaa vaihtamaan, joten varaathan jokaista osanottajaa kohti vähintään yhden kortin.
Pyydämme, että tekisit vaihtoa varten niin paljon uusia kortteja kun ehdit, mutta myös vanhat varastot saa tuoda mukaan täydennykseksi. Osallistujia on tällä hetkellä ilmoittautunut mukaan jo 9, toiset 9 paikkaa vielä vapaana.
aika: la 20.8. alk. klo 10.30. (Tilavaraus on klo 14 saakka)
Paikka: Tampere, Vapriikin kahvila-ravintola Valssi.
Vapriikki eli vanhat Tampellan tehtaat  sijaitsee keskellä kaupunkia sopivan kävelymatkan päässä rautatie- ja linja-autoasemalta. Valssiin pääsee ilman pääsymaksua.
Osallistujamäärä on rajattu 18:aan, ilmoittaudu alice k:lle (toute_bleu  ät  hotmail piste com). Saat lisäohjeita sähköpostissa.
Voit myös jakaa tämän tiedotuksen omassa blogissasi.

(In Finnish only - live swap info)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summertime fun

I bought a notebook to decorate. I love little notebooks, small thin ones to jot down little notes when on the way. This one is very summery, a sweet little number. Something to keep in my apron pocket when going round the garden.

I may have made it overly complicated... The background is four different colors - Nile green, sand, white and pale blue acrylics, smeared about with a palette knife.

Then I stamped with a harlequin background stamp (pale turq) and twice with a swirly Crafty Individuals stamp, in blue and pink.

Next came the flowers. The stamp CI-226 has pretty flowers but they are laid out in both directions, so you can't really stamp the whole sheet and be done. Instead, I stamped the sheet once on tissue , a second time on pale blue paper, then some individual flowers on a paper which I had painted yellow and pink.

I cut out the individual flowers and arranged them pleasingly. The label was meant to have a title of some sort, but really, what could I write on it that wouldn't sound corny? *Notebook*? Kind of obvious, is it not? Until I can think of something smart I'll just leave it blank.

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We have had some good flights, my friend

These guys seem very content. Happiness is having had some good flights and being able to reminisce about them with a like-minded person.

- Remember in 1907? The flight we made in Strasbourg - superb. Beautiful skies, peaceful flying.

- Oh yes, that was grand. And how about Lyon? In 1912 we had the sky all to ourselves. We landed  in a cornfield. Luckily the field was being cut at the time and the peasants treated us to some of the best wine I have ever tasted. Then there were some ten years until we could fly again - what with a war going on and some convalenscence time afterwards - by 1924  the twenties were roaring like there was no tomorrow.

The old, wise guys listen, but will only remark one thing: The storms come and go.

Take their wisdom. It will come handy one day.

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